Secret Underwater Base / Machine Shop


The Secret Underwater Base / Machine Shop is my garage. It isn't actually underwater (unless something SERIOUSLY overflows) or very secret. Not every one of my projects was made in the SUB/MS, but they are all made there in spirit!

I like to work on projects in my free time. I started designing and machining parts for the FIRST robotics competition in high school and have since broadened my projects to whatever seems cool or useful. I only publish my own creative projects here, not class labs or things from work. In 2011 I started a small blog on blogger to document my projects and make an easy way to share what I was working on with friends. This site is the evolution of the blog, and will eventually have all of my projects moved over and reformatted. For now I am still in the process of moving my older projects to this new site from the old one, so for more of my projects visit my old site : .

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